Arrested While Enlisted vs. Arrested as a Civilian


Your conduct as a member of the armed forces should be professional. In case you are arrested while enlisted, there may be serious repercussions for you than they would be if you were a civilian. The consequences may differ in some of the ways below:


  1. Legal advice eligibility
  2. Court appearances
  3. security clearance
  4. ranking reduction
  5. Benefits and privileges loss


  1. Enlisted members are eligible for legal advice


As an enlisted member, you have access to free legal advice. Civilians may need to hire professional legal assistance and this may pose a challenge to them financially. Through professional legal advice, you can know the options you have regarding the criminal records, and this may help you access justice.


  1. You can postpone court appearances


As a member of the military, you may postpone court appearances especially if you have commitments due to the military demands. A civilian may not have such privileges. You should, however, apply for short delays, and show proof as to why you may fail to attend court appearances.


  1. Revocation of your security clearance


As an enlisted member, after an arrest, you may lose your security clearance. Access to certain security information will be restricted. Civilians do not lose any such privileges. The military may revoke such privileges when one is under arrest.


  1. Your ranking may go down


This is the price you may pay if you are under arrest when enlisted. Though for a civilian depending on the nature of their job, this may not happen, if you are in the military, being under arrest affects your rank.


  1. Loss of privileges and benefits


Enlisted members may lose their pension, healthcare, and, education financial support among other military benefits when under arrest. This does not affect civilians unless they are under such contract terms. The individual’s rights when arrested while enlisted are still enforceable through the legal system.

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