How Immigration Bail Bonds Work


If a friend or a loved one is arrested and detained for immigration reasons, they can only be released through an immigration bail bond.  However, this is only available to detainees who meet certain conditions. In the event that a judge or the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) set bail bond amount, you may need to explore some options available to you such as:

  1. Delivery bonds for illegal aliens
  2. Voluntary departure bonds

Illegal aliens in the custody of immigration officers or those charged before a judge can be released on the above bonds as long as they are not a threat to public safety or national security. This is how it can work:

Delivery bonds

An illegal immigrant can qualify for a delivery bond if the judge or an immigration officer determines their eligibility. They receive a notice of custody and an arrest warrant from the ICE so that they can be released on this bond. This kind of bond allows the illegal immigrant to consult with a lawyer, spend time with family, and show up during the hearings.

 Voluntary departure bond

The voluntary departure bond is another option an illegal immigrant has. The detainee is allowed to leave the country voluntarily by a specified duration of time after they have paid this bond. This is done at their own expense. The bond is refundable after the illegal immigrant has left the country. If they fail to leave, the bond is forfeited.

Cost of immigration bonds

The immigration judge or the ICE can set bond amounts. These amounts can increase or decrease depending on factors such as criminal history, flight risk, employment status, immigration status, and so on. The amounts set for delivery bonds rage from $1, 500 to $10, 000 or more. Departure bonds can range from $500 and above.


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