Two People Posting Bail for a Defendant


When a family member, friend, or colleague is under arrest, their friends and relatives will look for ways to get them out of jail. This may end up with two people posting bail for the defendant. There are a few things you should know about posting bail for a defendant. This can help you to avoid paying double commissions to different bail bond companies.

Below are the facts regarding two people posting bail for the same person:

  1. Bail bond companies play a major role in securing the bail
  2. Only one bail is acceptable per defendant
  3. Refund for the second bond can be claimed


Why people choose bail bond companies

Most people will try and secure the release of their relatives and friends from jail immediately. They sometimes do not have the finances that the judge requires so to ensure the process of securing bail is fast, they turn to bail bond companies. Different bail bond companies have different protocols, and this may encourage different parties to look for the service from different bail bond companies. Due to this, two people may end up posting bail for the defendant.


The defendant can only post bail once.

You should not be worried if two parties have already processed two different bail bonds for a defendant. The jail only accepts one bail. So the first party to post the bail will secure the bail. The first company that secures bail gets paid the fees by the client.


You can claim a refund for the second bail.

When you realize the defendant has already secured bail, you may file for a refund from the other bail bond company. These companies earn fees if the bail is posted. So you should not be worried about the charges. They will refund any fees in case you were charged for the second bail.

Communication among the various parties who want to secure bail for the defendant is important to avoid posting bail twice.


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