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The bail bonds system is full of laws, customs, and conditions that can become confusing and stressful. If you, a friend, or a loved one needs bail, finding an accredited bondsman in Denver, Colorado is essential toward securing the release of your friend or family member. At Denver Bail Bonds, we are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the legal system in a stress-free and friendly environment.


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Instead of having to spend countless hours at the jail you can complete all of the bail bond documents from your Computer, Smartphone or tablet in under 10 minutes.

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Jail Fees: Typically jail fees in Denver are $50

Paperwork/Fingerprints: All paperwork and fingerprint checking have to be completed before a defendant can be released. We at Denver Bail Bonds are here to help with the process. 

Release Time: Once all the pre-requisites are completed, typical release times are within 2-6 hours. 


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Top-Rated Denver Bail Bonds

On-Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our team of licensed Colorado bail bondsmen will explain and lead you through every step of the bail bond process. 

We promise each client, indemnitor, and defendant courteous and expert bail bond service in a friendly and helpful environment.

Important things to consider when it comes to bail bonds:

What would you do if you found yourself in jail?

Would you have sufficient funds to ensure your freedom? Would it be helpful to use a bail bond agency? And what is a bail bond agency vs a bail bondsman?

Having colleagues or family who have the means or contacts to achieve your release makes things more convenient; however for many people this is not possible and makes bail a little more difficult. Understanding the rules and regulations of bail bonds will put you in a better position. 


Authorized Bondsman


Safe and Trusted

Moments away, Our team of licensed bondsman are ready and waiting.

When family or friends don’t have the means to post bail, a bail agency or licensed bondsman is usually where people turn to for advice and assistance. 

We’re a family-owned, local bail bond agency with generations of experience in the bail bond industry. 

New Generation of Online Bail Bonds In Denver

Grinding through forms in stressful times is never ideal; that’s why we created our online bail bonds system. It’s a fast, easy, and safe means to get the process started.

Skip the lines and stress of completing forms at the jail and finish the process in under 10 minutes using any device.


Easy and Convinient

What you need to know about the Denver County Sheriff’s Department

The Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, located in downtown Denver, houses most pre-trial, non-convicted detainees and is where newly arrested citizens are taken to be processed.

The Downtown Detention Center / Van Cise-Simonet Detenttion Center is also where bonds are posted for the arrested.  Our licensed bail bond agents are minutes away, 24-7, ready to post bail and get you or a loved one home as soon as possible. 

Denver Sheriff’s Department

Van Cise-Simonet Detenttion Center

How Bail Bonds Work In Denver

A defendant must be fully booked (fingerprints must be cleared) before a bond is accepted, which can take a few hours, so typically a bond will take between 3-6 hours. Most bonds need to be submitted before 9:00 pm, so we recommend posting the bond as early as possible, allowing enough time for the process.

Important Links

Important Phone Numbers

Non-Emergency Help 720-913-2000
Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips 720-913-7867 (STOP)

Important Terms

Cash Bail – Means that the total amount of the bail must be paid in cash, which will be held until the defendant appears in court.

Surety Bond – A bail agent backed by a surety company (insurance company) pledges to pay the full value of the bond if the accused doesn’t appear in court.

Release on Citation (Cite Out) – A citation given by the arresting officer to the accused informing them to appear in court on a specified date.

Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance (P.R.) – A pretrial release that does not require money.

Property Bond – In rare cases, a defendant may be released by posting property and insurance to the court. If the defendant fails to appear in court their property may be foreclosed on.​

street view denver jail from back
Denver Court House Side View
Denver Justice Center
Inside Denver Jail
Denver Jail

Some Types Of Bonds We Service:

Criminal Bail Bonds

Though rare, an office can obtain an arrest warrant approved by a judge or magistrate by providing information on the accused that establishes probable cause

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Felony Bail Bonds

In the US, felony / misdemeanor distinction is applied liberally. Typically this is defined by a crime that is punishable in excess of one year, if less than one year, it;’s defined as a misdemeanor.

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Traffic Bail Bonds

A court can issue a warrant for unpaid traffic tickets, and coincidentally this is the most common type of arrest warrant. Unfortunately, citations are easy to forget, and before you know it you’re in handcuffs.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

The key thing to understand is the domestic violence can mean anything. It can mean any crime committed as a means of coercion, control, intimidation, punishment, revenge, etc. For example, a roommate breaks your tv/property as an act of retaliation when you’re not home can constitute domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

 a person knows they have a warrant can arrange for a bond before actually being arrested. Once the bond is approved the defendant can turn themselves in knowing they will be released and not spend time in jail or risk being arrested in front of friends and or family.

DUI Bail Bonds

In Colorado, there are three categories of impaired driving:

DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination.
DWAI. Driving while “ability impaired,” under the influence of drugs/alcohol or a combination.
DUI per se. Driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or more is called “DUI per se.”

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Drug paraphernalia Bail Bonds

“Drug paraphernalia” is a title, to mean any articles, goods or accessory that is designed or altered for creating, applying, or hiding drugs, typically for recreational uses.

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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

These are universal kinds of crimes and are relatively lesser when related to other charges and rarely result in jail time. 

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